This is, quite possibly, 

the WORST sales page ever made.

Or is it?… Watch the video to find out!

Yep, that’s right. You’ve landed on one of the crappiest sales pages ever made.

It’s not very pretty,

It's only really half finished 

And it definitely doesn’t follow the “perfect structure” for a high converting page. 


But this crappy sales page is here to prove a very important point to you. 






Without a doubt... THE most fundamental skills you need to master in your business - especially in this incredibly noisy online world - is knowing how to talk about what you do in a way that makes people actually 'get' it, and more importantly WANT it.


If you’re a coach, consultant or online service provider… I hate to break it to you, but the success of your business doesn’t hinge on how talented you are at what you do. 


You could be the most talented person online. 


Your service could create incredible transformation in your client’s lives.


The problem is, unless you know how to COMMUNICATE that to your potential clients, you won’t be getting any bums on seats for you to be able to deliver that transformation.


But if you CAN master this fundamental skill, your whole business can turn around on a dime.




When your messaging is strong…. you don’t need fancy branding or a stunning website

When your messaging is strong…. you don’t need a perfect funnel

When your messaging is strong…. you don’t need a 6 month launch plan complete with 50 piece orchestra to sell your thing. 

When your messaging is strong…. it doesn’t matter WHAT business strategy you implement… because if your message is strong, any strategy will work. 


Because when your messaging is strong… you simply talk about your offer…. the right people sit up and pay attention… and they realise “OMG I NEED THAT”.


And that’s exactly what I want to help you to do. 


Imagine having such clarity on your message that EVERY time, you talk about what you do, someone replies “OMG I NEED THAT”


Imagine your perfect clients scrolling through their newsfeed and seeing YOUR video, YOUR blog, YOUR freebie or download, or webinar or whatever and thinking “OMG I NEED THAT”


Imagine that perfect client working through that content and knowing instantly that they need to work with you. 


And imagine being able to jump onto a sales call, talk about your offer and before you’ve even had a chance to get into the details, they’re already saying “OMG I NEED THAT”


Imagine if those kind of responses became the norm for you…what would that do for your business? 


You are going to learn ALL that and more in my new program…



This 10 week online program will teach you exactly how to:

  • craft a super compelling message that cuts through all the other noise and bullshit online and makes the right people sit up and pay attention
  • create an absolutely irresistible, drool-worthy offer that your dream clients simply can’t say no to
  • weave that message through your content, your freebies, your promo posts, your webinars… so that everything you do online leaves this beautiful trail of breadcrumbs that lead your people right to your signature offer in the fastest way possible
  • and my favourite… how to present your offer in a sales conversation, without feeling icky and salesy, in a way that makes it a total no-brainer for your potential client to say a big fat YES to working with you. 

Now if that’s making you think “OMG I NEED THAT" then this crappy sales page has just proved the point that





And if you want to know how to make YOUR dream clients say the same about YOUR work, just click the button below to register for “OMG I NEED THAT”

Payment plan available

Get Your Dream Clients Saying "OMG I NEED THAT” with these value packed modules. 

Week 1: Find Your Voice 

& Nail Your Unique Message

  • ​Get crystal clear on the angle that will make your service and your talent stand head and shoulders above the rest
  • Craft a compelling messaging mission statement so that you can say goodbye to the scattergun approach and start sharing your message with purpose
  • Get uber comfy talking about what you do in language your peeps will actually 'get' so that you get known, remembered and recommended

Week 2: Call In Dreamy Clients You LOVE to work with

  • ​Forget those ideal client avatars that sit on the shelf collecting dust and let’s figure out how to actually talk to your peeps instead
  • Learn the secret to getting inside your client's head and figure out what will trigger that "gotta have that" desire for your offer
  • How to tweak your message to pull in the RIGHT people and push the wrong ones away

Week 3: Create Drool-Worthy Offers Your Clients Can’t Say No To

  • Craft a premium level signature offer that your perfect client will see as the ideal solution to their problem, even if you're struggling to sell single sessions
  • Plan the perfect freebie that will actually get USED (and loved) instead of thrown on the freebie-hoarders digital junk pile.
  • How to stack your offers in a delicious trail of breadcrumbs that lead your prospect from perfect stranger to premium client in record time.

Week 4: Messaging Hacks To Communicate Your Value In Super Sexy Language

  • ​Build a bank of juicy and compelling language so that you no longer dread the blinking cursor of doom when it's time to write
  • Capture the essence of what you do in sexy bullet points that leave your peeps saying "gimme, gimme, gimme"
  • Make your message so unique that copycats can be spotted a mile away.

Week 5: Implementation Week

  • Your chance to catch up, practice and implement what you've learnt so far
  • Bonus Q&A Call to dig even deeper

Week 6: Crafting Sales Copy That Actually Sells

  • ​How to structure your sales copy to grab attention and have them hanging on every word.
  • What to include (and what to leave out) of your promo posts, landing pages and sales copy so that they convert like crazy
  • My secrets to clever editing that stops their eyes from wandering and instead gets them primed to hit that buy now button.

Week 7: Killer Client-Attracting Content

  • ​How to weave your core message into every piece of content so that your audience always remembers "oh yeah, she's the lady who's awesome at (insert awesome thing you do)"
  • The subtle art of seeding your offers so that your peeps are already saying yes before you've even had a chance to ask 
  • The secret to planning and creating content that consistently attracts a steady stream of clients without it feeling like such a massive job that you'd rather poke yourself in the eye with a fork

Week 8: Smoothly Switch From Your Free Stuff To Your Paid Offer Without It Getting All… Weird.

  • ​Learn my non-icky, sleaze-free method to transition clients from your free or low cost offers into your high paying programs
  • How to make it a total no-brainer for them to keep saying yes to the next step, even if you've already solved their problem
  • The simple script to insert into your freebies, webinars, challenges and free coaching calls to make a totally natural and easy shift into the sales conversation without feeling clunky and awkward.

Week 9: Easy-Breezy Sales Conversations

  • ​How to pre-frame your sales calls so that you’re only speaking with high quality prospects and not filling your calendar with tyre-kickers. 
  • The simple way to present your offer in a super juicy way so that they’re already saying YES before you even get into the details
  • The key messaging to use both before and during the call to minimise the objections and make it a hell-yes decision for both of you.

Week 10: Implementation Week

  • Your chance to catch up, practice and implement what you've learnt so far
  • Bonus Q&A Call to dig even deeper as we wrap up our work together

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        About Mel

Hey, I’m Melinda Kitto – Online Business and Messaging Strategist for women entrepreneurs just like you who dream of feeling totally confident that any time you make an offer, it will cut through all the other noise and bullshit online and make the RIGHT people sit bolt upright and say “OMG I NEED THAT” so that you can finally start making premium sales with ease.


I was always the go-to person in my circle of friends to craft the perfect reply to the cute guy on Tinder… or write that uncomfortable email to the jerk making unreasonable demands at work. So for a long time, I’ve known how to use words to get results. 

But when it came to my own business, my messaging… kinda sucked. Even though I was hanging out in all the right places and doing all the right things online, it felt like I was invisible. 


Then one day, I made a few tweaks to my message and jumped on a 2min livestream to share my excitement about this new angle. All of a sudden, women were writing in the comments “OMG that’s exactly what I need”.

That 2 minute, unscripted, unplanned livestream ended up making me $7500 within the next 5 days. 

And it was THEN, that I realised the power of a strong message. 


Now I help women just like you to create your own messaging epiphany so that your dream clients finally ‘get’ what you do… and more importantly, WANT it. 

What You Get

  • ​8 value packed training modules
  •  10 LIVE Q&A each week to pick my brains on your message
  •  Access to our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your work during the program
  •  Lifetime access to call recordings and all downloads
  •  PLUS BONUS ACCESS to my Pimp Your Promo Mini Course to help you craft killer promo posts thats sell like hotcakes




I run a service based business - is this program right for me?


Absolutely! If you offer an online based service - particularly transformational services - this will be right up your alley. If you’re a coach - for business, health, relationships, parenting etc - a consultant, mentor, designer, virtual assistant, practitioner, or other online service provider, “OMG I NEED THAT” will give you the tools to capture the essence of what you do in super sexy language and translate that into an offer your dream clients WANT. 


What about product based businesses or MLM?


"OMG I NEED THAT” is specifically geared towards service based businesses. The strategies we’ll discuss are best suited to people who are marketing their own unique skills, knowledge or talents. As such, it’s not really suited to product based businesses or MLM. 

I mean, you’d definitely learn some useful tips, but I think there would be other programs that focus on marketing strategies for products that would make a much better investment for your money. 


When does the program begin and end?


Doors to the next round will open in mid-August. As soon as you register, you’ll have access to the bonus mini-courses so you can get started right away. 

Our first official group training call will kick off on Tuesday 3rd Sept 2019 with weekly calls running through to 5th November. 


Will all of the calls be recorded?


Yes they will! It’s always best to get on the calls LIVE if you can, but you’ll be able to download and listen to the recordings as many times as you like. You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials so you can revisit these ideas, time and time again


Will there be a way for me to ask questions?


Absolutely. We have a dedicated Q&A every single week and you will also have access to our Private Facebook Group to post your questions between calls. The only questions that don't get answered are the ones you don't ask. 


I've bought a bunch of online programs before... how do I know that THIS one will help?


Hey we've all been there with course after course that we THOUGHT would be the magic bullet. And of course I'm biased, but I genuinely believe that your messaging is the absolute fundamental piece of your business. Messaging is the make or break piece of any strategy or any online course actually working for you. So not only do I believe that this course will give you the crucial building blocks for your business, I also believe that what you learn here, will make all those OTHER courses work for you too. Plug good messaging into any good strategy... and you're set. 



I just started my business, is this course right for me?


Definitely. I wish I had spent the first couple of months of my business nailing my message instead of getting distracted by fancy funnels and other complex strategies. By laying this solid foundation for your business, you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting traction FAST. 



I’ve been running my business for a while… will I get much out of this?


I’ve worked with clients who have been in business several years and were already hitting the $5k and $10k per month mark. But even though they were getting results, they knew their messaging could be more effective. Whether you want to pivot your target market, inject a bit more personality into your message or boost your conversions on your next launch, “OMG I NEED THAT” can help. 


Can I get a refund if I don't like the program?


I am 100% committed to supporting you to nail your message and speak more effectively to your ideal clients so that you can sell with ease.  That being said...

This is a refund-free zone. Because I know that I show up 200% fully and give a tonne more value, availability, and support than most other coaches out there.

I genuinely put A LOT of time, thought, effort, and planning into knocking the experience out of the park for you. And so, YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the bargain. Put in the effort, follow through with the work, and we will create success together.... DEAL?

I also believe in Money Karma and that we must own our buying decisions and actions and recognise that they impact others beyond just ourselves. Just as you would not buy food to make dinner, then take the food back if you decide you're not hungry, you should treat service businesses with the same respect.
So if you're not SURE that this is the right program for you, you can click away and there will be no hard feelings. 
But if you're ready to commit to an amazing 10 weeks together... let's DO THIS BABY!!

"I was going through quite a long client drought and I knew my messaging wasn’t hitting the mark. Working with Mel felt like my last ditch effort before I had to throw in the towel and went back to a ‘real job’. But we made a few simple tweaks to my message and suddenly everything felt so much clearer. I was able to draw a boundary around what I did and didn’t offer my clients and communicate that powerfully in my sales conversation. Within 4 weeks, I had booked 6 Discovery Calls and I closed 100% of them, making over $9000 in sales.Absolutely mind-blowing how simple changes made such a massive difference in my results."


- May Flam,

"Heal Your Work Life" Coach

"Thank you Mel for making my messaging so sexy and for making the copy for my Effectology Method Program sound like the smartest, wittiest version of me.Thank you for taking all the ‘awkward’ out of my copy and helping me really magnify my message so I could attract all the perfect women into my program. I loved putting out copy that really resonated with what I’m all about in such a powerful way & the results were awesome. If you’re thinking of working with Mel - do it!!!"


- Miriam Castilla, 

Manifesting Mentor & Effectologist

"I’ve always been able to create fun and engaging blogs and videos, but when it came to writing sales copy or doing a pitch, I would suddenly revert to this weird robotic and beige version of myself. I came to Mel for help with my messaging but along the way she opened the door to all these other possibilities. Now I’ve got this amazing premium offer that I never would have had the “crystal balls” to share before, and I’m successfully helping people to say YES to it in a way that feels totally natural with no ick-factor. I almost don’t even want to share this testimonial because I want to keep Mel a secret so I can have her all to myself. Pure, undiluted messaging genius."


- Denise Litchfield,


"Mel weaved her messaging magic on the landing page for my Mum’s Retreat and I sold out all 8 places in just over a week. I’ve had so many compliments about the landing page and it just became such a no-brainer for these beautiful women to say YES. Mel is just so, so, SO good at what she does."


- Narelle King,

Wellness Coach

Fast Action Bonus

Cash Injection Campaigns

Ever have those moments when you just need a quick injection of cash in your business?

*  to cover some suprise expenses
* to pay down some credit card debt
* to invest in that course or coach
* or to finally splurge and take your family on that holiday?


What if you had access to simple strategies that you could execute quickly and easily to generate sales FAST - with NO webinars, sales pages, fancy launch or crazy tech in sight?


Inject cash into your business whenever you need it with these proven Cash Injection Campaigns - yours FREE when you enrol in OMG before Midnight 20th August (AEST - Sydney Time)

Bonus Expires

Midnight 20th August 2019 AEST


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